The palace of Ungern-Sternberg, at present, the residence of the Academy (Kohtu Street 6, built in 1865-1868, architect Martin Gropius)






Events and activities

The 14th Baltic Conference on Intellectual Cooperation ACADEMIES OF SCIENCES FOR RESEARCH AND INNOVATION: PAST AND FUTURE organised by the Latvian Academy of Sciences was held on 20-21 April 2015 in Riga and Jelgava. Additionally to participants from the Baltic States, presentations at the conference were given by guest speakers  from Germany (Leopoldina), Norway, Poland and Slovakia. The Estonian delegation comprised five Members of the Estonian Academy of Sciences, namely, Tarmo Soomere ‒ President; Mart Kalm ‒ Vice-President;  Margus Lopp ‒ Secretary General;  Jüri Engelbrecht ‒ Member of the Board; Urmas Varblane ‒ Member of the Board; and Peeter Järvelaid, Professor of Tallinn University. Find the programme of the conference here or at the Latvian Academy of Sciences homepage

During the conference, the Medals of the Baltic Academies of Sciences 2015 were awarded to the laureates: Prof Peeter Järvelaid (Estonia), Prof Zenonas Norkus (Lithuania) and Prof Benedikts Kalnačs (Latvia). Information about the laureates is available here.


29 May 2014 – workshop "NANOPARTICLES IN THE ENVIRONMENT: FATE AND EFFECTS", jointly organised by the Academy, Graduate School "Functional Materials and Technologies" and National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics (NICPB). View powerpoint presentations here:

22-23 October 2013 – conference "EXCELLENCE IN RESEARCH",  convened by the Estonian Academy of Sciences, Council of Estonian Centres of Excellence and Estonian Research Council, supported by the National Programme "Internationalisation of Research". Presentations are available here:




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