The aim of the election of Academy Research-Professor is to enable recognised researchers in their field working full-time in an Estonian research and development institution or university, leading research and supervising doctoral students, to commit themselves to scientific research during the term of Academy Professor.

The aim of the election of theme-based Academy Researcher-Professor is to enable recognised researchers in their field to carry out their field-specific research in an Estonian private or public sector organisation during the minimum one-year term of theme-based Academy Professor. The number of open positions, the field or theme, the term and the conditions for application are decided by the Board of the Academy in agreement with the institution financing theme-based Researcher-Professors.
The General Assembly of the Academy approved the new Statute of Researcher-Professor of the Academy of Sciences (in Estonian) on 20 April 2022.

For the first time Researcher-Professors were elected in 2002. Since then, the Estonian Academy of Sciences has announced a competition for the position of Researcher-Professor every three years and each time has elected three Researcher-Professors for a three-year term.

The Estonian Academy of Sciences announces a competition for research professorships focusing on artificial intelligence. The grant is awarded for a one-year period (2024–2025). The deadline for applications for a targeted grant of researcher professorship is 12 March 2024.

Candidates are invited to apply for the position of Researcher-Professor in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), with a focus on either the challenges related to the development and/or use of AI, or the economic, social, educational and/or cultural aspects of AI applications.

A researcher-professor is a recognized expert in their field, holding either an Estonian doctorate or an equivalent foreign academic degree, and having completed at least three doctoral dissertations within their specialization.

Candidates are expected to have a track record of continuous research at international level and successful completion of research grants (see requirements here (in Estonian only)). In addition to the researcher-professor, the research team must consist of at least two members, who may be doctoral candidates, junior researchers, researchers or senior researchers. If justified, the research team may also include a postgraduate student. The researcher-professor must be employed by a research institution that has been positively evaluated in Estonia.

The grant for the researcher-professorship in artificial intelligence is 70 000 euros, awarded for one year. A tripartite contract will be concluded among the selected candidate, the Estonian university or research institution holding the professorship, and the Estonian Academy of Sciences for the payment of the grant.

Those who wish to participate in the competition have to fill in an application form (in Estonian) at the latest by 12 March 2024 at

In addition to your contact details and basic information, the following information has to be entered on the form:

  • Plan of activities 2024–2025 (in Estonian, up to 5 pages), including the general theoretical background of the planned research, the research hypothesis, and its relation to the developments in the research field, the main goals of the research and the significance of the expected outcome from the Estonian and global viewpoint, timetable, action plan, division of work.
  • List of the research team leader’s most important (up to 10) scientific publications and/or developments related to the planned research (add DOI-numbers, if available).
  • List of the candidate’s most important (up to 10) scientific publications or research projects related to the planned theme.
  • Approval from an Estonian university/research institution.
  • Materials on the research team: curriculum vitae of the research professorship leader (up to 2 pages), short curricula vitae of the other members of the research team (up to 2 pages in total).
  • If preferred, any other documents or materials that the candidate considers relevant.

Additional information: Siiri Jakobson,


Research-Professor in Arctic Studies

Professor of Environmental Physics at the University of Tartu Heikki Junninen

Professor Lauri Laanisto, Chair of Biodiversity and Nature Tourism, Estonian University of Life Sciences, Institute of Agriculture and the Environment, Estonia


Research professorship in Russian Studies

Andrey Makarychev, Professor of Regional Policy Studies, University of Tartu


Birute Klaas-Lang, Professor of Estonian as a Foreign Language, University of Tartu


Research Professorships in Arctic Studies

Professor Lauri Laanisto Research Group, Estonian University of Life Sciences

Associate Professor of Ethnology Aimar Ventsel's research group, University of Tartu


Professor of Taltech Tõnis Kanger.

Professor of Urban and Population Geography, University of Tartu Tiit Tammaru.

Professor in the technology of antimicrobial compounds, Universitu of Tartu Tanel Tenson.


Professor of Applied Virology, University of Tartu Institute of Technology Andres Merits.

Researcher-Professor of Taltech, Department of Electrical Power Engineering and Mechatronics Dmitri Vinnikov.

Research Professor of National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics Toomas Rõõm.


Research Professor of the National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics Anne Kahru.

Professor of Ragnar Nurkse School of Innovation and Governance at Tallinn University of Technology Rainer Kattel.

Leading Researcher of the Institute of Physics at the University of Tartu Kaupo Kukli.


Professor of the University of Tartu Rein Ahas.

Senior Researcher of the University of Tartu Anu Realo.

Professor of Tallinn University of Technology Tõnis Timmusk.


Professor of the University of Tartu Pärt Peterson.

Senior Research Scientist of the National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics Martti Raidal.

Senior Research Scientist of the Estonian University of Life Sciences Tiina Nõges.


Extraordinary Professor of the University of Tartu, Member of Academy Ilmar Koppel.

Leading Research Scientist of Tallinn University of Technology Malle Krunks.

Professor of the Estonian University of Life Sciences Ülo Niinemets.


Professor of the University of Tartu, Member of Academy Agu Laisk.

Professor of Tallinn University of Technology, Member of Academy Raimund-Johannes Ubar.

Senior Research Scientist of the University of Tartu Asko Uri.