Research Career in European Research Area

The European Union has adopted and implemented policy instruments to attract the best brains for a research career in Europe. A key element is the European Research Area. Mobile researchers, ready to move across country borders, seeking to access new knowledge, gain experience and skills, contribute to the transfer of knowledge, have an essential role to play.

However, moving to another country can be a complicated and exhaustive experience. European Commission has set up the European Network of Mobility Centres (EURAXESS Services Network) to assist researchers in practical matters relating to transnational mobility. The EURAXESS Services Network counts about 200 mobility centres and numerous local contact points in European countries, providing one-to-one assistance on issues such as:

The network is coordinated and co-financed by the European Commission. The Estonian Academy of Sciences is a member (Bridgehead  Organisation) of EURAXESS.
See the website of EURAXESS Estonia

EURAXESS Portal aims at facilitating the mobility experience for researchers and serves as a tool for R&D organizations in search of the talented recruits.  The portal provides a wide range of information and services, e.g. 


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