L’Oreal Baltic Fellowships

The "Women in Science" programme has been indefinitely suspended in the Baltic States. The Estonian, Latvian, and Lithuanian Academies of Sciences are exploring alternative solutions to honor and support female scientists in their work of research.

L'Oréal Baltic's Women in Science initiative, in cooperation with the Estonian National Commission for UNESCO and the Estonian Academy of Sciences, will support the professional development of women scientists in the Baltic States, helping them to achieve new goals and thereby benefiting both science and society at large. This is particularly important at a time when the world is facing unprecedented challenges. Science helps to find solutions to these challenges, and science needs men and women equally.

"The Women in Science" initiative aims to contribute to the visibility of women scientists and to promote gender equality in the world of science and to inspire the next generations of scientists.

The global initiative For Women in Science was launched in 1998. Since then, UNESCO and L'Oréal have jointly contributed to the advancement of science through this initiative. The programme recognises young women scientists and supports them in achieving their goals and making their scientific achievements as widely known as possible.

The programme has been active in Latvia since 2005 and in Estonia and Lithuania since 2017.

In Estonia, the evaluation is carried out by a panel of academics and previous winners of the competition, composed of academics Kalle Kirsimäe (chair of the panel), academics Krista Fischer, Maarja Grossberg-Kuusk (who is also a previous winner), Tiina Randma-Liiv and Ellu Saar, and previous winners Els Heinsalu and Tuul Sepp.

Programme website: www.forwomeninscience.com
Website of the Estonian National Commission for UNESCO: www.unesco.ee/