13th May The Future Cryptography Conference. Read more.

6th March International Science Education Expert Seminar „Expanding the Focus of Research in Science Education: New Trends and Best Practices“. Read more.

November 16–17. Gulf of Finland Science Days 2023. Read more.
October 17. Conference on Trust and reliability. Read more.
September 20. The U.S. Embassy in Estonia and the Estonian Academy of Sciences Science Afternoon (XXV). Polar Research in Estonia. Read more.
September 5. L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Young Talents program – Baltics 2023 Ceremony of Awards. Read more.
May 2. Joint seminar „Estonia and Saxony – On the way forward to Clean Energy. Research – Innovation – Realization“. Read more.
April 24. Hamburg Institute for Advanced Study (HIAS). Baltic Info-day at the Estonian Academy of Sciences. Read more.
April 13. The joint seminar of the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences and Humanities and Estonian Academy of Sciences. Read more.

29–30 November. ESAF Annual Meeting 2022 (ESAF-8) „The role of science advice in rebuilding the society“. Vilnius, Research Council of Lithuania. Read more.

September 29. International expert-seminar „Evidence of the Impact of Science Education in Attracting Young People Towards Science Studies and Science-Related Careers“. Read more.

May 30. Estonian energy policy: Energy trilemma-balance. Read more.

November 30 – December 1. ESAF General Assembly 2021 (ESAF-7) “From local advice to global benefit”. Read more.

November 29–30. The 2021 Gulf of Finland Science Days "New start for the Gulf of Finland co-operation". Read more.

September 30. International expert seminar: Impact of research in science education. Addressing the need for a knowledge-based society. Read more.

June 28-29. The 17th Baltic Conference on Intellectual Co-operation: Mathematics for society. Read more.

April 14. Webinar: The Changing Arctic. Read more.

June 19. Engaging in research policy discussions. An event for early-career researchers from the Baltic region. Read more.

January 31 – February 2. Seminar and training workshop: Towards bridging science and decision-making. Read more.