Incoming Short Research Visits

Application process and stages:

  • Before submitting the application – contact with the host organisation in Estonia for getting the formal invitation for the visit.
  • Submit the application to the Academy of Sciences in your country (see the list of organisations ) – for deadlines and application requirements please contact your academy directly.
  • Throughout the year – applications are sent to Estonian Academy of Sciences, decision will be made by our Council for International Exchange and decision will be sent back to your academy.
  • After the application is accepted – visiting researchers must fill in the visit application form.
  • 2–3 weeks before the visit – practical preparations will be made by Estonian Academy and details will be sent to the visiting researcher

Support is given to visits directly connected with research – for example joint experiments in partners laboratory or joint fieldwork, work in archives or with other collections, planning future cooperation and preparing new applications, preparing joint publications etc.

NO SUPPORT will be given for participation at Conferences (even with presentation), working in libraries, trainings (for example attending lectures), meetings connected with curriculum developments as primary purpose of the visit.
All these activities can be part of the visit, but we do not support these as an only aim of the visit.

Contact: Terje Tuisk,