Academic Researcher Exchange

Bilateral exchange programmes

The Estonian Academy of Sciences fosters international mobility of researchers and aims at facilitating scientific networking. The agreements on scientific co-operation signed with partner institutions – mostly Academies – in other countries more than 30 allow the EAS to draw on goodwill and experience of partners in shaping its own strategies and co-operation tools.

On the basis of bilateral agreements the EAS runs a scientific exchange programme, hosting on average 80 visiting researchers per year and nominating approximately the same number of Estonian scientists and scholars per year for study and conference visits abroad.

Bilateral exchange scheme is a cost-sharing co-operation instrument – the hosting Academy covers the living costs of visiting researchers nominated by sending partner Academies (see  below). The funding for hosting the visitors is drawn from the budget of the EAS. However, the EAS welcomes visits to all Estonian public universities and research institutions. Estonian researchers are eligible to apply for study visits abroad, irrespective of their affiliation – quality of the application is the main criterion. Reciprocal visits between teams collaborating within joint research projects are encouraged as a priority.

Council for International Exchanges (see below), composed of the representatives of the EAS and major Estonian public universities, supervises the programme. The Foreign Relations Unit of the EAS is responsible for the management of the day-to-day work.

Contact: Ms. Ülle Raud, Head of Cooperation
Tel: +372 645 1925 (office); +372 50 42659 (mobile)

Researchers looking for funding to visit Estonian co-operation partner(s) are advised to check the list of our contacts with partner organisations. Our contacts advise the inquirers about the eligibility, requirements (incl. application forms) and deadlines for submitting an application for an exchange visit to Estonia. In most cases, an invitation letter issued by the Estonian collaboration partner (host researcher) is required. The Estonian host researcher is expected to be in charge of the scientific programme of the visit.

NB! Research visits in terms of the academic exchange programme under bilateral cooperation agreements are postponed due to the travel restrictions in connection to the Covid-19.


Researchers working in Estonia, irrespective of their nationality or affiliation are eligible to apply, provided they meet criteria set by our partner academies (for terms and conditions, see below).

The approved visits will be funded within our scientific exchange programme with partner Academies, i.e. the hosting academy is responsible for the living costs (accommodation and per diem) in the destination country. All other costs (e.g. international travel, also the research expenses, if any) are to be secured from other sources.

If a researcher is nominated by our partner institution for a study or conference visit to Estonia, the Estonian Academy of Sciences will:

  • if applicable, issue a visa invitation and advise the nominee about the visa  formalities and requirements;
  • book and pay for the accommodation;
  • pay a daily allowance (currently, 20 EUR per day for visits up to 14 days).

The EAS does not cover:

  • visa fees;
  • conference fees;
  • living expenses of accompanying family members;
  • medical insurance.

Visitors from the EU countries are expected to have their European Health Insurance Card.
The staff of the Foreign Relations Unit of the EAS advises the visitors in all matters related to their stay in Estonia. Inquiries are welcome at:

  • tel: +372 645 1925, +372 504 2659, (Ms. Ülle Raud; languages: English, Finnish, Italian, Russian, Swedish).

Programme of the academic studies of Estonian language and culture abroad: Estophilus Scholarship:

Members of the Council are nominated by the Board of the EAS by recommendation of four Divisions of the Academy and four major public universities.

The Council is chaired by Professor Jüri Engelbrecht.

Members of the Council are:

  • Marco Kirm, Member of the Estonian Academy of Sciences, University of Tartu Professor
  • Äli Leijen, University of Tartu Professor, Member of the Estonian Young Academy of Sciences
  • Margus Lopp, Member of the Estonian Academy of Sciences, Tallinn University of Technology Professor
  • Katrin Niglas, Vice-Rector for Research, Tallinn University

Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Hamburg

Dr. Elke Senne
Research Administrator
Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Hamburg
Edmund-Siemers-Allee 1, Ostflügel, 2. OG.
20146 Hamburg

Phone: (+49)40/42 9486 6920

Austrian Academy of Sciences

Mag. Bernhard Plunger
Foreign Relations
Austrian Academy of Sciences
Dr. Ignaz Seipel-Platz 2
A-1010 Wien

Phone: + 43 1 51581 253 or 254 or 252
Fax: + 43 1 513 9542

Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities

Roland Römhildt
Referent des Präsidenten/Internationale Beziehungen Präsidialbüro
Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften
Jägerstraße 22/23 10117 Berlin

Phone: +49 (0)30 20370 583

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Mr. Dimitar Denev
International Relations Department
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
1, 15 November Str., Sofia 1040 BULGARIA

Phone : (+359 2) 979 5236

Czech Academy of Sciences

Ms. Markéta Říhová

Division of International Cooperation
Czech Academy of Science
Narodni 3, 117 20 Prague
The Czech Republic

Phone: + 420 2 2140 3467

Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Ms. Nikoletta Farago
Dept. of  International Cooperation
Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Nador utca 7
H-1051 Budapest

Phone: + 36 1 411 6272
Fax: + 36 1 411 6261

Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities

Dr. Neta Peretz
Head of the International Division
Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities
P.O. Box 4040 (Albert Einstein Sq.)
Jerusalem 91040

Phone: + 972 2 567 6221

Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts

Ms. Katarina Terzic
International and Interacademic Cooperation
Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts
Rista Stijovica 5
81000 Podgorica

Phone:+ 382 20 655 457
Fax: + 382 20 655 451

National Academy of Science of Belarus

Dr. Vladimir V. Podkopaev
Director International Relations Dept.
National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

Independence Ave. 66, 220072 Minsk
Republic of Belarus

Phone/Fax: + 375 17 284 0769

National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Mr. Anatolii Myronchyk
International Relations Dept.
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Volodymyrska St ., 54
Kyiv-30 MSP
Phone:+380 44 235 2239
Fax: +380 44 239 6559

Polish Academy of Sciences

Mrs Jolanta Krześniak
International Relations Officer
Polish Academy of Sciences
International Cooperation Department
PKiN, Pl. Defilad 1, 00-901 Warszawa
Phone: +48 22 182 65 04

Russian Academy of Sciences

Dr. Sergey Markianov
Foreign Relation Dept.
Russian Academy of Sciences
Leninski prosp. 14
117901 Moscow, V-71

Phone: + 7 499 237 0141
Fax:+ 7 495 952 5266

Slovak Academy of Sciences

Mr. František Fundárek, PhD.
Programme Officer
Department of International Cooperation
Slovak Academy of Sciences
Štefánikova 49
814 38 Bratislava

Phone: + 421 2 5751 0138

Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts

Prof. Branko Stanovnik
Head, Dept. of International Scientific Cooperation
Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts
Novi trg 3, POB 323
61001 Ljubljana

Phone: + 386 61 125 6068
Fax: + 386 61 125 3423

The Academy of Finland

Mrs. Ulla Ellmén
International Affairs
The Academy of Finland
P.O.Box 131 (Hakaniemenranta 6)
FI-00531 Helsinki

Phone:+ 358 9 7748 8316
Fax: + 358 9 7748 8241

The Latvian Academy of Sciences

Dr. Ilze Trapenciere
Mr. Kristaps Broks
International Relations Department
The Latvian Academy of Sciences
Akademijas laukums 1
LV 1524 Riga

Phone:+ 371 67 225 361 (office),
+ 371 2647 8619 (mobile)
Fax:+371 6782 1153

The Lithuanian Academy of Sciences

Mrs. Violeta Skirgailiene
Foreign Relations
The Lithuanian Academy of Sciences
Gedimino Ave. 3
2600 Vilnius

Phone: + 370 5260 8395
Fax: + 370 5261 8464

The Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts

Mr. Jan Albert
The Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts
Hertogsstraat 1
B-1000 Brussels

Phone: + 32 02 550 2317
Fax: + 32 2 550 2378

The Royal Swedish Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities

Mrs. Kristina Lund
The Royal Swedish Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities
P.O.Box 5622, Villagatan 3
S-11486 Stockholm

Phone:+ 46 8 440 4286
Fax:+ 46 8 440 4290

Partner AcademyNumber of days per year. Terms and conditions
Czech Academy of Sciencesjoint projects only
The Academy of Sciences of Bashkortostan30
The Austrian Academy of SciencesOnly conferences organized by the Austrian AS
The Bulgarian Academy of SciencesJoint projects only
The Hungarian Academy of SciencesJoint projects
The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities28
The Latvian Academy of Sciences75
The Lithuanian Academy of Sciences75
The Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts21
The National Academy of Sciences of Belarus30, visits only to the institutions of the NASB
The National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine50, visits only to the institutions of the NASU
The Polish Academy of Sciences120, priority joint projects
The Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium28, academic institutions of Flanders only (must have PhD)
The Royal Swedish Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities35
The Russian Academy of Sciences75, scientific exchanges suspended
The Slovenian Academy of Sciences and ArtsA couple of visits per year (must have PhD)

Application form for a scientific visit to abroad: Application Form.