Competition for the Position of Researcher-Professor in Future Energetics

The Estonian Academy of Sciences announces a competition for selecting Researcher-Professor in Future Energetics.

Energy as one of the foundations of the economy and functioning of a state is currently undergoing an unprecedented transformation. Appropriate solutions for the future and the corresponding policies can vary in different countries and regions. We need more clarity on what Estonia’s energy policy could look like and a plan for its implementation.

The topics of Research Professorship in Future Energetics include generation, conversion, storage, transmission and smart use (including consumption management) of electricity in Estonia on an industrial scale or to an extent that significantly impacts the functioning of the energy system.

Expected are applications aiming at a systematic approach to energy at the national, regional or community level, as well as proposals for an in-depth approach to various energy fields that will be essential for Estonia in the future.

Candidates for the position of Researcher-Professor need to have an Estonian doctorate or an equivalent academic degree from a foreign state and meet the qualification requirements for theme-based Academy Professor (see the requirements here).

Research Professorship in Future Energetics is opened for one year (2023–2024). The grant for Researcher-Professor is 70 000 euros.

Persons who wish to participate at the competition have to fill in an application form at at the latest by 5 March 2023.

More information on the competition is available (in Estonian) here.

Additional information: Siiri Jakobson,