Meeting with scientists and researchers from Ukraine

Meeting with scientists and researchers from Ukraine in Estonia was held on 15 September upon initiative of female members of Estonian Academy of Sciences.

The main idea of the meeting in person was exchange of information about opportunities in Estonian research institutes and universities.

After opening words from President Tarmo Soomere, a brief overview about initiative was provided by Professor Tiina Randma-Liiv, Member of EAS Board. From 9 scientists and researchers contacted Estonian Academy of Sciences since 30 March 2022 the following scientists and researchers attended: Olha Alieksieieva, Kateryna Lobanova, Professor Oleksandr Tarasov and Professor Iryna Mihus. Members of Estonian Academy of Sciences were represented as follows: Professor Jakob Kübarsepp, Anne Kahru, Professor Maris Laan and Professor Tiina Randma-Liiv.

The initiative is based on invitation published on the EAS website on 30 March 2022. More information here. Exchange of information (including the international databases for job opportunitites) was actively facilitated by EURAXESS Estonia contacts in public universities and wider.

Estonian Academy of Sciences continues facilitating the contacts and providing support to scientists and researchers arrived in Estonia from Ukraine due to war in Ukraine.