Conference on Trust and reliability

The conference on Trust and reliability to discuss the technological and social science aspects of election technology took place on October 17th, 2023 at the Academy of Sciences, Kohtu 6, Tallinn.

The conference is organised by the Standing Committee on Cybersecurity of the Academy of Sciences. The committe was formed in 2023 with the task to study the security and reliability of critical Estonian e-government services. In its first year, the committee will focus on the technological solutions for election services.

Note that the first two sessions are in Estonian and the third will be in English.


Session 1 – The science of trust and reliability (in Estonian)
10:00–10:05A welcome from Tarmo Soomere, the President of the Academy of Sciences
10:05–10:30The long plan of the Standing Committee on Cyber Security. Presentation slides.
Dan Bogdanov, Member of the Estonian Academy of Sciences and Chairman of the Standing Committee on Cyber Security
10:30–11:15On trust in elections and election technology: methods, their limits and Estonian trends. Presentation slides.
Piret Ehin, Professor of comparative politics, University of Tartu and Mihkel Solvak, Associate Professor of Technology Research, University of Tartu
11:15–12:00A technological view – study of reliability. Presentation slides.
Ahto Buldas, Tenured Full Professor, Tallinn University of Technology
12:00–13:00Lunch break
Session 2 – Estonian developments in technology and regulation (in Estonian)
13:00–13:30 A vision for election technology for the coming years. Presentation slides.
Tiit Riisalo, Minister of Economic Affairs and Information Technology
13:30–14:00Updates to the election regulation. Oliver Kask, National Electoral Committee
14:00–14:55 Panel discussion: will engaging the society improve trust? Moderated by Priit Vinkel, E-Governance Academy; Nele Siitam, Supreme Court of Estonia; Ronald Liive, Geenius Meedia; Tanel Tammet, Tenured Full Professor, Tallinn University of Technology
Session 3 – International experience in building reliable services (in English)
15:10–16:00Trust factors in the use of electoral technologies: Inputs from Australia, The Netherlands and Poland. Presentation slides.
David Dueñas-Cid, Gdansk University of Technology, GUT
16:00–16:55Panel discussion: How are countries developing trust and trustworthy services? Additional information file, C. Schürmann.
Liisa Past, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications; Tomáš Rabas, National Cyber and Information Security Agency, NÚKIB; Carsten Schürmann, IT University of Copenhagen, ITU; David Dueñas-Cid
Dan Bogdanov

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