Polar Research in Estonia

XXV Science Afternoon of the U.S. Embassy in Estonia and the Estonian Academy of Sciences "Polar Research in Estonia" held on September 20, 2023 to recognize our long-standing collaboration and discuss Arctic and Antarctic issues of common interest.


Moderator: Prof. Tarmo Soomere, President of the Estonian Academy of Sciences

George P. Kent, U.S. Ambassador
Minna-Liina Lind, Undersecretary for Global Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
14.10–14.25An American Perspective on International Cooperation for Science at the Poles,
Dr. Evan Bloom, Senior fellow at the Wilson Center's Polar Institute
14.25–14.40Climate Change and Cultural Heritages in Antarctica, (presentation file)
Dr. Kati Lindström, Fellow at the University of Tallinn
14.40–14.55Recent Achievements and Future Prospectives  of Ice Core Sciences, (presentation file)
Prof. Rein Vaikmäe, the Head of the Estonian Academy of Sciences Polar Commission
14.55–15.10Estonian Academy of Sciences Arctica Research Professorship Program,
Prof. Tarmo Soomere, President of the Estonian Academy of Sciences
15.10–15.25Possible Applications of Biorobotics in Antarctica, (presentation file)
Prof. Maarja Kruusmaa, the Head of Tallinn Technical University Centre for Biorobotics
15.25–16.10Round Table Discussion on Estonian Polar Research Program, Estonian Arctic Policy Document, Estonia's accession to the Protocol on Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty (the Madrid Protocol),
Dr. Evan Bloom, Prof. Rein Vaikmäe, Dr. Kati Lindström, Dr. Andres Tarand, moderator Prof. Tarmo Soomere
16.10–17.00Follow-up discussions with snacks


Additional information: Kerlin Remmel, Executive Assistant Estonian Academy of Sciences, phone 516 1308, e-mail kerlin.remmel@akadeemia.ee