Competition for Research Professorships in Russian Studies 2023–2024

The Estonian Academy of Sciences, in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, announces a competition for two research professorships focusing on Russian studies. The deadline for applications for a targeted grant of research professorship is 12 June 2023.

The objective of establishing research professorships is to support and educate Estonian researchers in the knowledge of Russia and provide capability for participating in significant high-level international research. Russian studies are on the verge of vanishing due to under-funding. However, from the perspective of Estonian security, it is an essential field requiring experts and assurance in their succession.
The targeted grant of research professorship will enable a recognized researcher working in the field of Russian studies at a research and development institution or university to focus on research and set up a research team in Russian studies. Each professorship comprises one theme-based academy researcher-professor and, as a rule, a small supporting research team.

Any person who holds a doctoral degree from Estonia or an equivalent foreign academic degree and who meets the qualification requirements for a theme-based academy professor (the requirements are available in Estonian here) may apply for a targeted grant of researcher professorship. The candidate is expected to be engaged in continued research at international level and to successfully complete research grants. Potential members of the research team supporting the researcher-professor may be doctoral candidates, junior researchers, researchers or senior researchers, and in duly justified cases also master students.

The grant of research professorship in Russian studies is 45 000 euros, at least 50% of which will cover the costs related to setting up a research team in Russian studies. Preference will be given to candidates with previous experience in Russian studies.

The targeted grant of research professorship is awarded for one year. A tripartite grant agreement will be concluded between the selected candidate, the Estonian university or research institution hosting the professorship and the Estonian Academy of Sciences.

Persons who wish to participate in the competition have to fill in an application form (in Estonian) at the latest by 12 June 2023 at

In addition to your contact details, the following information has to be entered on the form:

  • Plan of activities 2023–2023 (in Estonian, up to 5 pages), including the general theoretical background of the planned research, the research hypothesis and its relation to the developments in the research field, the main goals of the research and the significance of the expected outcome from the Estonian and global viewpoint, timetable, action plan, division of work.
  • List of the research team leader’s most important (up to 10) scientific publications and/or developments related to the planned research (add doi-numbers, if available).
  • List of the candidate’s most important (up to 10) scientific publications or research projects related to the planned topic.
  • Approval from an Estonian university/research institution.
  • Materials on the research team: curriculum vitae of the research professorship leader (up to 2 pages), short curricula vitae of the other members of the research team (up to 2 pages in total).
  • If preferred, any other documents or materials that the candidate considers relevant.

Read also the news of the announcement of the competition.
Additional information: Siiri Jakobson,