Medals, Prizes, Scholarships


Endel Lippmaa Memorial Lecture and Memorial Medal 

have been instituted with a view to fostering transdisciplinary and cross boundary communication of scientific discoveries and pioneering ideas, as well as highlighting the mission of the scientist in and for the society.

Academician Endel Lippmaa (15.09.1930–30.07.2015) was one of the great men of Estonian science and politics, and to this day he is one of the most well-known Estonian scientists in the world. As a capable personality with exceptionally sharp mind and wide grasp, he made a significant contribution to restoring the independence of Estonia and rebuilding a free society, influencing and shaping the development of our country for a long time.

By establishing the tradition of the Endel Lippmaa Memorial Medal and the related Memorial Lectures, The Estonian Academy of Sciences wishes to promote the spread of scientific excellence and innovation, as well as to recognise and value the mission of outstanding personalities in the history of Estonia. With this objective in mind, the person to be selected as a recipient of the Endel Lippmaa Medal is a prominent figure in the field of science or society, whose activity has had a substantial impact on the development of science or society and in whose work top-level science is combined with serving the society.

On the 90th anniversary (2020) of the birth of Endel Lippmaa, his Memorial Medal is granted as a token of recognition to an outstanding Danish politician, a good friend of Estonia and an ardent supporter of our aspirations for freedom Uffe Ellemann-Jensen.

As Minister of Foreign Affairs of Denmark (1982–1993), Uffe Ellemann-Jensen was instrumental in the recognition process of the Baltic States at the time of the restoration of independence of the Republic of Estonia. Thanks to his efforts, Denmark became the first state to restore diplomatic relations with all the three Baltic countries. Together with his German colleague Hans-Dietrich Genscher he convened the Council of the Baltic Sea States in 1992, the central objective of which was to ensure a balanced development within the Baltic Sea region after the end of the Cold War. For twenty years (1998–2018) Ellemann-Jensen contributed vigorously to the activity of the Baltic Development Forum, which brought together top performers in the domains of business, politics, media, and science within the region.

Kurt Wüthrich (born in 1938; Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2002). On September 12, 2017 he gave the first Endel Lippmaa Memorial Lecture at the Academy. Afterwards he was given the Endel Lippmaa Memorial Medal.

Bernhard Schmidt Prize 

has been instituted to recognise young scientists and engineers working in Estonia for their achievements in research and development activities and practical application of research findings.

Jaan Raik – 2007
Arne Asper, Kristo Heero, Sven Heiberg – 2005
Rünno Lõhmus – 2001

Memorial medals (disciplinary)

Nikolai Alumäe Medal 

in informatics and engineering.

Karl Schlossmann Medal 

in medicine and related areas.

Eero Vasar – 2016
Ain-Elmar Kaasik – 2012
Lembit Allikmets – 2008
Mart Saarma – 2004

Paul Ariste Medal 

in social sciences and the humanities.

Jaak Kangilaski – 2020
Arvo Krikmann – 2014
Huno Rätsep – 2010
Tiit-Rein Viitso – 2005

Wilhelm Ostwald Medal 

in chemistry and related areas.

Mati Karelson – 2014
Ilmar Koppel – 2010
Viktor Palm – 2006

Karl Ernst von Baer Medal 

in life and earth sciences.

Richard Villems – 2015
Ülo Mander – 2011
Loit Reintam – 2007

Harald Keres Medal 

in astronomy, physics  and mathematics.

Jaan Einasto – 2019
Ülo Lepik – 2013

Medal of the Estonian Academy of Sciences

is the highest prize of the Academy awarded to individuals for outstanding services in development of Estonian science or in helping forward its development, as well as for services in performance of tasks of the Estonian Academy of Sciences.


of the Academy have been originated to support completion of monographic research works and popular science books, their layout and editing.

Students’ research prizes

are monetary prizes instituted by the Estonian Academy of Sciences for the purpose of according recognition to students who have attained outstanding results in scholarly work, and encouraging talented students to pursue independent research projects. Additional information about the National Contest for University Students.

Estonian Science Communication Award 

is granted by way of competition jointly by the Estonian Academy of Sciences, the Estonian Research Council and the Ministry of Education and Research. Its purpose is to acknowledge the merits of science popularization and to recognize for their outstanding effort individual as well as groups of researchers, who have succeeded in communicating research, science achievements and researchers' activities in a generally fascinating form as well as rendering research understandable to a wider public, or who have achieved to attract the interest of young people in science and the researcher profession.