Participants at the Energy Day Round Table organized by the Estonian Academy of Sciences offered solutions to energy economy challenges

The Energy Day was held at the Estonian Academy of Sciences on 21 November, where large-scale energy consumers, energy companies, researchers and community representatives discussed the options and strategic vision for energy policy. The exchange of ideas aimed to formulate preconditions for developing an energy policy that would meet the needs of society.

The main topics of the discussion were ensuring a balance between security of energy and fuel supply, affordability and environmental impacts, the sufficiency of the energy demand and production structure, managed production, consumption management and the need for storage.

At the Round Table, the competitiveness of the industry was addressed as a problem due to the excessive fuel and energy prices, price fluctuations and questionable security of supply.                                            

It was considered, among other things, that in ensuring the state’s sustainability and its image as a state of technology, in the field of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) the priority is students’ interest and development opportunities across different school levels.Estonia needs a centre for promoting a culture of technology where the parties contribute to the development of the broader STEM.  

It was admitted that the government lacks a long-term vision for energy policy, which is why we have lost a decade in developing the structure for sustainable energy production and ensuring security of supply in the electricity system. Contributing to the energy infrastructure through private investments is impeded by a lack of cooperation principles between the public and private sectors. National measures to increase domestic energy production are needed, as well as agreements with neighbouring countries on developing the structure of new production capacities.

It was acknowledged that a national relief package is unavoidable to partially compensate for the rise in energy prices, as in other EU member states. The balance between security of supply, affordability and environmental impacts was also analysed since it is a prerequisite for a sustainable energy economy.  

Photos of the Energy Day Round Table