Call for the candidates for the 2024 National Research Awards is now open

On behalf of the Government of the Republic, the National Research Awards Committee opens the call for the candidates for the 2024 Estonian National Research Awards.

National Research Awards are granted to Estonian researchers and research collectives for outstanding results in research and development.

The Committee is awaiting proposals to be submitted electronically in the Academy of Sciences Competitions e-environment by 16 December 2023.


1. Research award for a discovery (for a scientific discovery impacting the paradigm and world view of the respective scientific field or pioneering a new field of science or an invention or research and development based on a scientific discovery that has led to an innovative product with a significant socio-economic impact, 50 000 euros).

2. Lifetime achievement award (award for long-term excellence in research and development, 2 awards, á 40 000 euros).

3. Annual awards (to highlight the best research or research cycles completed and published in the last four years, 8 awards, á 20 000 euros) in the following fields:

  • exact sciences;
  • chemistry and molecular biology;
  • technical sciences;
  • medical science;
  • geology and biology;
  • agricultural sciences;
  • social sciences;
  • the humanities.

Proposals for the award may be submitted to the committee by the research councils of universities and positively evaluated research and development institutions, academicians of the Estonian Academy of Sciences, the Estonian Employers’ Confederation, Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Estonian Service Industry Association.

Researchers and research teams who have previously been granted the annual award may be re-nominated for the annual award ten years after the award was given for research at a new level.

No part of the research cycle that has received the annual award may be used by co-authors as part of research cycles submitted for the annual award in subsequent years.

Additional information (in Estonian):