World Science Day – organized by Estonian Naturalists’ Society and Estonian Academy of Sciences

November, 10. Scientific seminar “Struve Geodetic Arc“ organized by the Estonian Naturalists` Society.

Presentations from scientists from University of Tartu, Tallinn University, Tartu Observatory, Estonian Naturalists` Society and representatives of a Roundtable of Scientists for Struve Heritage in Estonia were followed by panel-discussion moderated by Professor Urmas Kõljalg, Member of the Estonian Academy of Sciences, University of Tartu, Director of the Natural History Museum and Botanical Garden. The value of heritage including the oversectoral impliactions of its preservation and further popularization were thoroughly discussed by invited representatives of the learned societies, public authorities and stakeholders.

Scientific seminar “Struve Geodetic Arc” was dedicated to the 165th anniversary of the Struve Geodetic Arc and to the 15th anniversary of its inscription to the World Heritage list. More information on the website of UNESCO here. Read about Struve Geodetic Arc points in Estonia here.

November 12. Scientific conference “Taxonomy and Natural Science Education“ organized in co-operation with the Estonian research infrastructures roadmap Natural history archives and information network  (NATARC), Estonian Naturalists` Society, Tallinn University and Estonian Academy of Sciences.

Recordings of events are available on the Youtube Channel of the Estonian Academy of Sciences and Tallinn University in Estonian language.