A Member of the Polish Academy of Sciences visited the Estonian Academy of Sciences

Dmitri Vinnikov, Member of Estonian Academy of Sciences hosted a visit of Professor Mariusz Malinowski, Member of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Vice Rector for Research of The Warsaw University of Technology and President of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society (IES).

Professor Malinowski visited Estonian Academy of Sciences in connection with a research visit in terms of Polish-Estonian Joint Research Project „Power converters with post-fault operation capability and fault detection methods”. The Leading researcher of the project in Estonia is Dr Andrii Chub, Senior Researcher and Manager of Power Electronics Research Laboratory, Power Electronics Group of Department of Electrical Power Engineering and Mechatronics, Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech). The research cooperation between Prof. Vinnikov and Prof. Malinowski was initiated in 2002 and resulted in over 20 joint high-rank research papers and many successful PhD defences both in Estonia and Poland.

Interview (in Estonian language) with Professor Malinowski published in local media channel Novaator here.