2nd Annual Meeting of the International Science Council (ISC)

9‒10 September 2019 Professor Jaak Järv, Secretary General of the Estonian Academy of Sciences represented the Academy at the 2nd Annual Meeting of the International Science Council (ISC) European Members in Amsterdam.  The meeting was hosted by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences and Arts. 

The participation of 22 ISC member organizations from 20 European countries was the highest ever attendance. In the programme of the meeting there was a roundtable discussion on academies role in contribution to the implementation of the UN sustainable development goals in the context of the ISC Science Action plan 2019‒2021.

Transdisciplinary research cooperation programmes  CROP (Comparative Research Programme on Poverty), LIRA 2030 (Leading Integrated Research for Agenda 2030 in Africa) and T2S (Transformations to Sustainability) were introduced. The next Annual Meeting of the ISC European Members will be organized in the Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts in 10-11 September 2020.
More information about ISC European memebers see on the website here.

The Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT) is providing the Chair and the Secretariat of the European ISC Members until the end of 2021. The terms of office of the current management group members will end the same year. The European ISC Members are thus called upon to already now consider the possibility of serving as host organization beyond 2021 and/or to nominate representatives to the management group. Both matters will be on the agenda of the 2020 annual meeting. To meeting participants were also invited to give serious consideration to involve their MOs in the realisation of the ISC Action Plan by supporting specific activities or even taking the lead.