Rahvusvaheline konverents "European Research Area and Small Countries


28. ja 29. jaanuaril toimus Akadeemia majas rahvusvaheline konverents "13th Baltic Conference on Intellectual Co-operation: European Research Area and Small Countries".

Vt programm.

Eugenijus Butkus. European Research Area – Vision and Realities from Lithuania’s perspective.
Andrejs Siliņš. The Impact of Global Processes on Science in Small Countries.Marja Makarow. Limited resources and grand challenges. Research policy in a small country.
Ivo Šlaus. Why National and International Academies are Today so Important.Andris Sternbergs. Cooperation Among the Scientists of the Baltic States in the Priority Scientific Areas.
Tarmo Soomere. The Baltic Sea – the bridge between many countries.Bonifacas Stundžia. Lithuanian Studies in Europe With Special Reference to the Baltic Countries.
Valter Lang. The Role of Humanities in Small Countries.Martin Zobel. Biodiversity Studies.Sigitas Tamulevičius. Materials science in Lithuania: status, challenges and perspectives.
Steven Bishop. Science for policy.Jüri Engelbrecht. Estonian Academy of Sciences - 75.


Eugenijus Butkus                                                 Andrejs Siliņš

Marja Makarow                                                     Ivo Šlaus

Andris Sternbergs                                                 Martin Zobel

Sigitas Tamulevičius                                           Steven Bishop

Balti Teaduste Akadeemiate medalite üleandmine ja diplomite allkirjastamine:

Tarmo Soomere                                                   Andris Sternbergs

Eugenijus Butkus                                         Richard Villems, Valdemaras Razumas, Ojars Sparitis

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