Founding members

(in alphabetical order)

Juhan Aru, Post-doc, ETH Zürich
PhD: ENS Lyon, mathematics, "The Geometry of the Gaussian Free Field Combined with SLE Processes and the KPZ Relation," 2015
Research interests: random geometry, stochastic processes
Mission in EYAS: play my part in assuring that the contribution of our whole is larger than the sum of its individual parts. I hope that our varied backgrounds and ways of thinking will help us approach freshly the questions about the nature and the role of sciences & scientists, both at our workplace and in the society
Peeter Espak, Senior Research Fellow of Comparative Religion/Oriental Studies, School of Theology and Religious Studies, University of Tartu
PhD: The God Enki in Sumerian Royal Ideology and Mythology, 2010, Tartu
Research interests: Near Eastern religion, mythology and history; comparative religion and mythology; Middle Eastern military ideologies and their development, reflections of historical process today
Mission in EYAS: introduce the main problems of Estonian scientific community to the broader society and into public discourse
Maarja Grossberg, Senior Researcher, Tallinn University of Technology
PhD: Tallinn University of Technology, natural and exact sciences, “Optical Properties of Multinary Semiconductor Compounds for Photovoltaic Applications,” 2010
Research interests: semiconductor physics, optoelectronics, optical spectroscopy, studies of defect structure, solar cells.
Mission in EYAS: making the voice of young researchers heard in the society. Also to increase the contribution of young researchers as the future of science in the design of the science policy. Secondly, to popularise science based approach
Els Heinsalu, Senior Researcher, National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics
PhD: University of Tartu, theoretical physics, "Normal and Anomalously Slow Diffusion under External Fields," 2008 
Research interests: stochastic processes, diffusion processes, complex systems (ecological models, language dynamics, econophysics).
Mission in EYAS: draw attention to problems important in science and society, think about them and seek for solutions. It is a possibility to think together with other young scientists in which Estonia we would like to live and work and what we could do for achieving it. I also believe that EYAS offers a possibility to promote interdisciplinary science and to introduce the research of young Estonian scientists and scholars to the community and especially to young people
Kristo Karjust, Associate Professor, Director, Chair of Production Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Tallinn University of Technology
PhD: Tallinn University of Technology, mechanical engineering, “Integrated Product Development and Production Technology of Large Composite Plastic Products ”, 2008
Research interests: natural sciences and engineering; industrial engineering and management; production technology; manufacturing optimisation, monitoring and prediction; rapid product and processes realisation theory and methodology 
Mission in EYAS: popularise the application of science (engineering),contribute towards  improving young researchers' funding
Karin Kogermann, Associate Professor / Senior Researcher, University of Tartu
PhD: University of Helsinki, pharmacy, “Understanding Solid State Transformations During Dehydration: New Insights Using Vibrational Spectroscopy and Multivariate Modeling,” 2008
Research interests: solid state, drug-excipient interactions, process analytical technology, design and preparation of nanocarrier systems, antimicrobial drug delivery systems, bacterial (wound) infections, antibiotic action mechanisms
Mission in EYAS: help to increase the public awareness and understanding of science and pharmaceutical sciences in Estonia, promote the development opportunities for young researchers and strengthen the collaboration between young researchers in different scientific fields 
Heisi Kurig, Research Fellow, University of Tartu
PhD: University of Tartu, chemistry, "Electrical Double-Layer Capacitors Based on Ionic Liquids as Electrolytes," 2011
Research interests: electrochemistry, physical chemistry, energy storage, gas sorption, hydrogen, neutron scattering methods
Mission in Young Academy of Estonia: Being an ENTA member gives ma a chance to contribute actively in developing towards to a scientific fact based society. In my opinion, one of the key objectives of ENTA is to make the Estonian young scientists’ opinion heard and increase the influence of science-based argumentation in different decision making processes in our society
Kajar Köster, Academy Research Fellow, University of Helsinki
PhD: Estonian University of Life Sciences, forestry, “Dynamics of Living and Dead Woody Biomass in Forest Ecosystem after Windthrow,” 2009
Research interests: forest disturbance ecology, greenhouse gas fluxes, carbon dynamics, fire ecology, boreal and arctic ecosystems, reindeer and climate change
Mission in EYAS: through organisation we are able bring to attention the problems of science financing for young scientists and present these to the society (young scientists are competing for the financial support with top scientists, although their scientific background might not yet be competitive)
My priority is to bring the scientific methods to the society and public use, and increase the possible connections between the home university (the university where PhD thesis was defended) and young researcher who has started to work in private sector or abroad

Rainer Küngas
, Principal Research Engineer, Haldor Topsoe A/S
PhD: University of Pennsylvania, chemical engineering,  “Factors Governing the Performance and Stability of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Cathodes Prepared by Infiltration,” 2012
Research interests: heterogeneous catalysis, solid state electrochemistry, fuel cells, electrolysis cells, battery materials, ceramics processing, application of Design of Experiments statistical tools to industrial processes
Mission in EYAS: demonstrate that it is possible to do high quality research in an industrial setting. Promote the industrial career as a viable alternative for young researchers and PhD students in Estonia. Improve collaboration between young researchers and entrepreneurs
Äli Leijen
PhD: Utrecht University, “The Reflective Dancer: ICT Support for Practical Training”, 2008
Research interests: teacher professional development, reflection in education, ICT in education, doctoral studies
Mission in EYAS: present the viewpoints of PhD students and young researchers more in the society. I would like to contribute i) to developing doctoral studies in different universities and ii) to improving the funding of young researchers and advancing their career perspectives in Estonia
Innar Liiv 
PhD: Tallinn University of Technology (Estonia), informatics, “Pattern Discovery Using Seriation and Matrix Reordering: A Unified View, Extensions and an Application to Inventory Management”, 2008
Research interests: e-government and data science, computational social science, information visualization, and data mining technology transfer to industrial and governmental applications
Mission in EYAS: sparking discussion about future of work, professions and researchers, supporting big data-driven policy making; technology transfer to industrial and governmental applications; entrepreneurship
Lili Milani, Senior Research Fellow, University of Tartu
PhD: Uppsala University (Sweden), molecular medicine, "Gene Expression in Cancer Cells: Detection of Splice Variants, Allele-specific Expression and DNA Methylation," 2009
Research interests: human genetics, disease genetics, pharmacogenetics, epigenetics
Mission in EYAS: inspire future scientists, work towards better science funding and networking opportunities for young scientists in Estonia, and reduce unnecessary bureaucratic barriers
Twitter: @MilaniLili
Kerli Mõtus, Associate Professor, Estonian University of Life Sciences
PhD: Estonian University of Life Sciences, veterinary epidemiology, "Epidemiology, Impact on Herd Health and Control of Bovine Herpesvirus 1 in Estonian Dairy Cattle Herds," 2012.
Research interests: veterinary epidemiology, dairy and beef cattle, mortality, euthanasia, risk factors and causes
Mission in EYAS: contribute in topics essential for young scientists (financing, career development, popularising science and sharing with community)
Eva Näripea, Senior Researcher, Estonian Academy of Arts
PhD: Estonian Academy of Arts, art history, "Estonian Cinescapes: Spaces, Places and Sites in Soviet Estonian Cinema (and Beyond)," 2011.
Research interests: film studies
Mission in EYAS:
Kärt Ojavee, Senior Researcher, Estonian Academy of Arts
PhD: Estonian Art Academy, art and design, “Active Smart Interior Textiles: Interactive Soft Displays”, 2013
Research interests: sensing textiles, responsive environments, calm technology, textile displays, spatial textiles, haptic materials in architecture, living materials
Mission in EYAS: represent the interests of designers and artists whose work is based on practice led research. In the future I would like to contribute to finding opportunities for interdisciplinary collaborations
Ester Oras, Senior Researcher, University of Tartu
PhD: University of Cambridge (UK), archaeology, "Practices of Wealth Depositing in the 1st - 9th Century AD Eastern Baltic," 2014
Research interests: archaeological science, analytical chemistry, organic residue analysis, ancient foodways, prehistoric migration studies, dating
Mission in EYAS: multidicipliary reseach, the role of young scholars in academia and society, funding opportunities for young researchers
Gert Preegel, Researcher, Tallinn University of Technology
PhD: National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics, “Cyclopentane-1,2-dione and Cyclopent-2-en-1-one in Asymmetric Organocatalytic Reactions,” 2016
Research interests: organic chemistry, industrial chemistry
Mission in EYAS: improve the career prospects of young researchers and promote evidence-based decision making in society
Priit Purge, Researcher, University of Tartu
PhD: University of Tartu (Estonia), “Performance, Mood State and Selected Hormonal Parameters during the Rowing Season in Elite Male Rowers”
Research interests: health, sport science, training monitoring, overtraining
Mission in EYAS: popularising science outreach activities among scientists, improving the opportunities for young scientists to realise their own interesting projects
Marju Raju, Researcher, Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre; R&D Adviser, Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs
PhD: Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, "Some aspects of singing development, the song creating process and favorite songs of Estonian children," 2015
Research interests: music psychology, development of singing (infants and toddlers)
Mission in EYAS: promote the position of young scientists in the society and promote scientific thinking
Ringa Raudla, Professor of Public Finance and Governance, Tallinn University of Technology
PhD: University of Erfurt, economics, “Constitution, Public Finance, and Transition" 2009
Research interests: public finance, budgeting, public sector financial management, public management reforms, fiscal policy, institutional economics
Mission in EYAS: contribute to academic discussions about economics and governance in the Estonian society, promote evidence-based decision making in the public sector and focus on the issues of research funding
Tuul Sepp, Post-doctoral Researcher, Arizona State University
PhD: University of Tartu, animal ecology, "Hematological Health State Indices of Greenfinches: Sources of Individual Variation and Responses to Immune System Manipulation," 2012
Research interests: animal ecology, animal physiology, evolutionary biology, urban ecology, aging in the wild
Mission in EYAS: popularising science outreach activities among scientists, improve the opportunities for young scientists with families
Andra Siibak, Professor of Media Studies, University of Tartu
PhD: University of Tartu, media and communication, "Self-presentation of the 'digital generation' in Estonia," 2009.
Research interests: Internet use, social media, audiences, privacy, generations, digital literacy, mediation of internet use
Mission in EYAS: developing science communication, popularisation of science in particular. I would like to see to that (young) scientists are provided with a chance to gain additional knowledge on how to communicate their scientific results intelligebly, appealingly, accurately and through various mediums to different audiences.  Furthermore, I also believe it to be crucial that (young) scientists would immediately have a chance to practice their newly learnt skills 
Leho Tedersoo, Research Professor, University of Tartu
PhD: University of Tartu, botany and mycology, "Ectomycorrhizal Fungi: Diversity and Community Structure in Estonia, Seychelles and Australia," 2007
Research interests: mycology, ecology, biodiversity, high-throughput sequencing, metagenomics, soil eukaryotes
Mission in EYAS: accomplish improvement of funding for young researchers and PhD students and simplify financial reports
Elmo Tempel, Senior Researcher, Tartu Observatory; Postdoc, Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics Potsdam
PhD: University of Tartu, astrophysics, "Tracing Galaxy Evolution by their Present-Day Luminosity Function," 2011
research interests: astronomy, galaxy physics, cosmology, astro-statistics
Mission in EYAS: possibility to influence the world where we live in; put forward interdisciplinary research
Katrin Tiidenberg, Associate Professor of Social Media and Visual Culture, Tallinn University; Postdoctoral Researcher, Aarhus University
PhD: Tallinn University, sociology, "Image Sharing, Self-Making and Significant Relationships: Understanding Selfie-Practices," 2015
Research interests: social media, visual culture and visual self-presentation, photography on social media, selfies, norms and normativity, identity, digital research methods and research ethics
Mission in EYAS: represent social science and internet research perspectives in EYAS and wider scientific discussions in Estonia. Contribute to the development of a smart society and people's critical literacy, in particular in topics pertaining to the digital
Aare Tool, Lecturer of Music Theory, Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre
PhD: Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, musicology, "The Modes of Limited Transposition and Form in the Music of Eduard Oja," 2016
Research interests: music theory, music analysis, Estonian music
Mission in EYAS: active presence of humanities in the Young Academy will contribute to our better understanding of the relationship between various fields of study and open up new perspectives for cooperation
Hannes Tõnisson, Senior Researcher, Coastal Research Group, Institute of Ecology, Tallinn University 
PhD: Tallinn University, ecology, “Development of Spits on Gravel Beach Type in Changing Storminess and Sea Level Conditions,” 2008 
Research interests: coastal processes, coastal evolution today and in the past, extreme storms and climate fluctuations; geophysical methods
Mission in EYAS: icrease cooperation between private enterprises and young researchers. Help to increase the share of science in the private sector 
Anneli Veispak, Postdoc, KU Leuven.
PhD: KU Leuven, special education, "Perceptual and Cognitive Underpinnings of Braille reading," 2012
Research interests: reading, braille, lexical interpretation, speech perception
Mission in EYAS: contribute to the adoption of evidence based practices in Estonian (higher) education
Hendrik Voll, Professor, Tallinn University of Technology
PhD: Chalmers Technical University, building, "Cooling Demand and Daylight in Commercial Buildings the Influence of Window Design," 2008
Research interests: indoor climate, heating, ventilation, cooling, daylight, energy efficiency of buildings, solar radiation
Mission in EYAS: develop and popularise technical science and research