Medals, Prizes, Scholarships


Endel Lippmaa Memorial Lecture and Memorial Medal have been instituted in order to foster transdisciplinary and cross boundary communication of scientific discoveries and pioneering ideas, as well as to highlight the mission of the scientist in and for society.

Bernhard Schmidt Prize has been instituted to recognise achievements pertaining to research and development activities and practical implementation of research findings of young scientists and engineers working in Estonia.

Memorial medals (disciplinary)
  • Nikolai Alumäe Medal in informatics and engineering;
  • Karl Schlossmann Medal in medicine and related areas;
  • Paul Ariste Medal in social sciences and the humanities;
  • Wilhelm Ostwald Medal in chemistry and related areas;
  • Karl Ernst von Baer Medal in life and earth sciences.
  • Harald Keres Medal in astronomy, physics  and mathematics

Medal of the Estonian Academy of Sciences is the highest prize of the Academy awarded to individuals for outstanding services in development of Estonian science or in helping forward its development, as well as for services in performance of tasks of the Estonian Academy of Sciences.

Scholarships of the Academy have been originated to support completion of monographic research works and popular science books, their layout and editing.

Students’ research prizes are the monetary prizes set up by the Estonian Academy of Sciences, instituted for the purpose of according recognition to students having attained outstanding results in scientific work, and stimulating independent research of talented and capable students.

Estonian Science Communication Award is granted by way of competition jointly by the Estonian Academy of Sciences, the Estonian Research Council and the Ministry of Education and Research. Its purpose is to acknowledge the merits of science popularisation and to recognize for their outstanding effort individual as well as groups of researchers, who have succeeded in communicating research, science achievements and researchers' activities in a generally fascinating form as well as rendering research understandable to a wider public, or who have achieved to attract the interest of young people in science and the researcher profession.