With the aim to fulfil its tasks, the Academy:
  • Initiates, organises and co-ordinates scientific research;
  • Develops international scientific co-operation and represents the Estonian science in international organisations;
  • Publishes scientific and popular science issues;
  • Furthers co-operation with universities and other research institutions and contributes to training of the new generations of scientists;
  • Organises scientific colloquia, conferences, and meetings with papers delivered;
  • Carries out contests of research works and awards prizes for scientific research works;
  • Grants scholarships and research benefits to scientists and university students;
  • Promotes the activity causing the science to be liked and esteemed;
  • Counsels the Parliament, the Government of the Republic and the state institutions;
  • Participates in drafting the legal acts relating to R&D activity;
  • Participates, through the agency of its representatives, in the work of Estonian R&D institutions, foundations and decision making bodies and expert panels;
  • Submits opinions regarding financing of the Estonian R&D activity and science organisation;
  • Acts in furtherance of realisation of creative potential of scientists and protect their rights.